“I had been dealing with health issues that left me feeling anxious,

as well as dealing with side effects from medication.

I was searching for help in a variety of areas to help relieve

some of my symptoms, and feel proactive in this process.

I consulted with my endocrinologist and she gave me

the green light to try acupuncture.

I can't thank Dr. Amaro enough for her kindness, empathy,

and helping me feel proactive in a situation I don't fully understand.

I now feel more relaxed, and receive better test results after

including acupuncture in my plan. I would absolutely

recommend everyone receive acupuncture services with Dr. Amaro!”

- Cassandra Peck, Chicago, IL.

“My experience with Dr. Amaro was great. I visited her

when I was newly pregnant and she made me very comfortable

and was able to explain how many of the symptoms she

treated were related to my pregnancy. The office is also

beautiful and makes you feel very at home. I highly recommend checking

out this practice if you are in the area.”

- Jenna King, Chicago, IL.

“Fantastic. Dr. Amaro is wonderful and her staff is excellent.

Very grateful to have found and to be a patient at this spot!”

- Seth M., Chicago, IL.

“You can get your life back! -- I have an MTHFR genetic mutation.

If you’re not familiar with it, it causes issues with methylation of certain

B vitamins (and more). There is a ton of research being done

on this right now. I could go on but I will stop myself and

let you know why I’m posting… I cannot explain how great my

knees and spine feel today. When I went down stairs this morning

(2 days post appt), I realized nearly all of my knee joint pain was gone

and my achy-joint spine pain is gone. I think the B-complex vitamins

are a huge issue for me and the NAET has made a considerable

difference. Just wanted to share. If you suffer from allergies, pain,

anxiety, digestive issues, anything really, Dr. Amaro is the one to see.

I cannot recommend her enough. Dr. Amaro is a perfect fit to continue

the former doctor’s work to help people become balanced and living life again.”

-Angela Morehouse, Chicago, IL.